Quotes participants training ‘A Theory of Presence’ — Mongolia

Quotes participants training ‘A Theory of Presence’ Ulaan Bator / Mongolia 7 – 11 may 2018

And further from other participants:

  • ‘It has changed my way of thinking’
  • ‘This training shows my weaknesses’
  • ‘This training is very relevant for the work I do’
  • ‘I learned that clients like to be understood and accepted’
  • ‘I understand that role models are important and needed’
  • ‘I learned that it is important to stay with the client and try to find connection’
  • ‘Clients and employees are one team. I’ve learned that equivalence is important’
  • ‘We want to see quick results. I’ve learned to take time for the client and have patience’
  • ‘I learned what the essence of communication is: namely, patience, equality and humility’
  • ‘We draw conclusions too quickly. I have learned that it is good to look from different perspectives’
  • ‘As social workers we do much for clients, but I have learned how important it is to really be present for them’
  • ‘In the beginning of the training I was a little frustrated. I even considered not to participate anymore. But the day later I came to understand the client at a deeper level’

GNS | ‘A Theory of Presence’   5 days training

 Good and loving care for people in extremely marginalised positions
An intense and professional relational approach instead of a problem solving one

In our last news edition we informed you about the preparations for the ‘Theory of Presence’ training week. This training happened last week and we are looking back with relief and gratitude. It went beyond our expectations. Altogether we had a group of about 50 participants from various backgrounds and governmental and non-governmental care organizations. Besides our own staff we had nurses, doctors, social workers, church workers, psychologists, and care workers from mental health clinics and addiction care centers.